About Us

The Air Training Corps (ATC) provides the opportunity for cadets to take part in a huge range of exciting activities. Many are organised at the Squadron or Wing level whilst others will see you joining forces or competing against cadets from our Region or other ends of the country!

If you're interested in Flying, Gliding, Adventure Training, Camping, Shooting, Sports, Drill, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award or Overseas Travel… (and the list doesn't end there!) then the ATC is for you; and it doesn't stop with the activities. You'll learn valuable skills that you can take with you after you leave the Corps and make endless numbers of friends that you'll probably take with you too!

If you're thinking of a career in the Royal Air Force (RAF) then joining the ATC is a step in the right direction, 41% of Officers and 51% of all Aircrew recruits (pilots, navigators, air electronics operators, air engineers and air loadmasters) into the RAF are ex-air cadets. However, if you do not want to follow a military career don't let that put you off from joining as there is absolutely no obligation to join any of the Armed Forces.

With almost 35,000 members, aged from 12 to 20 years, within over 1,000 Squadrons, the ATC is the world's largest youth air training organisation so why not become a part of it and join the adventure.


The squadron moved into the purpose built Joint Cadet Centre in Easter 2008. These premises are shared with 11 (Eastleigh) Platoon Army Cadets. We have 2 classrooms, as well as access to the ACF's classrooms, giving us a total of 4 classrooms. There is a large parade hall, canteen and purpose built stores room. There is also a staff Orderly Office and Officer Commanding's office.

We make use of the leisure facilities for sports nights as well as the old golf course that is to the rear of our site for navigation training.


The Squadron was formed on the 13th March 1941 and was originally based at what was Northend School, which is now where Hampshire Fire Headquarters is located. We then moved to Woodside Avenue until 2008 when we moved into our new purpose built accommodation on Kingfisher Road.

Volunteer Staff

Every parent's primary concern is for the safety and well-being of their son or daughter. The long history of the Air Cadet Organisation is a testament to our expertise and care in this area and allows us to provide a varied training programme under the guidance of experienced and trustworthy staff. The staff at 1216 (Eastleigh) Squadron are always available to speak to and will put your mind at rest regarding any concerns you may have.

The ATC trains and prepares all staff members to deal with the needs of young people and encourage them in all endeavours they undertake. Volunteer staff, at all levels, are strictly checked through the Disclosure and Barring Service (formally the Criminal Records Bureau) and receive internal security checks, before they can take sole charge or responsibility for cadets. Furthermore, all volunteers are also fully trained and qualified in any activities that they are leading.

Rest assured, only with skilled, capable and responsible volunteers would we be able maintain such high standards whilst pushing the cadets to be the high achievers they are both safely and confidently.